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Travel Insurance

Freely sightseeing with GIC’s cover
In Vietnam, international travel is now a growing trend, and becoming more familiar to everybody.
Every trip always brings you overwhelming joy and interesting experience of discovering new lands in the world.
Yet who will protect you in a strange place?
Illness, accident, theft, loss of travel documents and luggage?
What would you do in these situations?
Stay happy, GIC will help you!

Read International Travel Insurance Wordings here.
Download Application Form here.
See our brochure here.

•    Medical expenses
GIC accepts claims for medical expenses of bodily injury treatment within our cover including:
-    Expenses for hospitalization, surgery, diagnosis & test, examination, prescription, hospital meals and room rental.
-    Expenses for treatment of maternity complication which requires hospitalization.
-    Expenses for outpatient including examination, prescription, X-ray, diagnosis & test

•    SOS’s services
SOS will help you with emergency medical assistance and travel support for the following services:
-    Emergency evacuation
-    Repatriation
-    Hospital expense guarantee
-    Compassionate visit
-    Return of minor children
-    Repatriation of mortal remains

•    Travel Assistance:
-    Pre-trip Information Services: information on visa formalities and vaccination requirements, exchange rate and weather.
-    Embassy Referal: information on address, telephone number, and working hours of the nearest consulates or embassies worldwide.
-    Interpreter Referal: information on address, name, telephone number and working hours of worldwide interpretation agencies
-    Legal Referal: information on name, address, telephone number and working hours of worldwide law offices and lawyers
-    Medical Service Provider Referal: SOS provides information on doctors, hospitals, clinics, and dentists worldwide

•    Personal accidents
GIC will pay claims for dealth or permanent disablement within 12 months from the accident date.
•    Luggage and personal belongings
GIC will pay claims for loss and damage directly caused by robbery, theft, accident or wrong delivery of your luggage and personal belongings which occur in the insured period.

•    Luggage arrival delay
GIC will pay for urgent purchase of necessary items regarding personal hygiene or clothes.
•    Loss of travel documents
GIC will pay for expenses of re-issued travel documents (passport, visa, air ticket), and other reasonable expenses arising from re-issuance procedure and repatriation.
•    Trip curtailment and/or cancellation
GIC will pay for trip cancellation and trip deposit amount that is not refunded.
You can choose one out of 03 following programs: Plan A ($50,000 or VND 1bn), Plan B ($70,000 or VND 1,4 bn), Plan C ($100,000 or VND 2bn).
Period of insurance depends on trip duration from departure date to arrival date with maximum length of 180 days/ trip.
If you travel to Southeast Asian countries less than 5 days, it will take only $7 (equivalent to VND 140,000) to protect yourself and properties with insured amount up to $50,000 (equivalent to VND 1bn).

In addition, GIC also provides other types of Travel Insurance:
-    Inbound foreigner tourist insurance
-    Outbound Vietnamese tourist insurance
-    Local tourist insurance
-    Staff overseas business trip insurance
Global Insurance Corporation (GIC) provides you, your family and your company with comprehensive insurance covers. Contact us now to know more about our products and services.