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Auto Insurance

Relax behind the wheel with GIC
Aiming at satisfying the demand for an Automobile insurance product at a reasonable price but with good customer service and simple claim procedure as well, Bao hiem Toan Cau – GIC has introduced the package of Automobile physical damage insurance; accordingly, the new premium applicable is extremely attractive and safe-driving customers (whose have good claim history) are rewarded with a great deal of incentives.

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Why does GIC introduce this new pricing?
According to a research conducted by GIC, most automobile physical damage insurance products are priced on the basis of vehicle age and type only, which is not really suitable for and fair to all customers. Analyzing the statistics on the demand for automobile physical damage insurance and the traffic characteristics in Vietnam, GIC incorporates other factors such as car models, regions, age, etc., especially claim history to ensure an accurate and proper pricing for each customer.
Customers will benefit from our new pricing as follows:
  • A fairer pricing
  • Low risk, pay less
  • Less claims, more discounts
Customer type:
Customer type:
  • Individuals 
  • Corporate customers ( < 5 cars)
Car type:
  • Non-commercial, and
  • < 9 seats
Components of the new pricing:
Our new pricing is based on the following factors:
  • Region
  • Car model
  • Car age
  • Sum insured
  • Claim history: GIC provide special premium incentives for customers who have good claim history.
  • Original deductible
The advantages of GIC’s Automobile insurance over other companies:
  •  Discount on premium up to 30% for safe-driving customers, and from 30%-40% for customers who choose the original deductible of VND 5mn/loss. The discount can be up to 50% if the customer chooses higher deductibles.
  • The new pricing is very fair and suitable for customers.
  • Competitive insurance coverage: Repair in authorized workshops, Non-depreciation of replaced spare parts, Hydraulic stroke, Car rental during repair period as a result of accident, etc.
  • Policies are issued to customers quickly and accurately thanks to our modern software applicable throughout GIC’s network.
  • Nationwide customer database system enables us to manage and provide good customer service.
GIC’s quick and accurate claim service:
  • Our 24-hour Hotline is ready to help you anytime and anywhere.
  • Our nationwide system of qualified authorized garages for each vehicle model
  • 24-hour Free rescue service within 70km-radius is available nationwide.
  • Claim payment is processed quickly.
  • Auto physical damage claims are settled quickly with simple procedures when the estimated loss is less than VND 30mn. Example: In the event of loss to the insured car, Insured should inform our Surveyor immediately so that they can be present at the scene. If the physical damage is under VND 30mn, Police’s certification will not be required by GIC and our staff will directly process the claim and settle it quickly.
  • GIC’s centralization of claim settlement in our Head Office helps to ensure customer’s benefits consistently and fairly.


Type of automobile insurance
1. Physical damage
GIC will pay claims for physical damage in sudden and unexpected events such as:
  • Accidental collision or overturning
  • Fire, explosion
  • Natural disasters: storm, flood, landslide, lightning, earthquake, hail, tsunami
  • Outside impacts which caused damage to the vehicle
  • Theft, total loss
In addition, GIC also pays for additional eligible expenses such as loss prevention, towing, survey, etc. GIC’s insurance coverage is also extended to:
  • Free choice of repair workshops
  • Non-depreciation claim
  • Water damage
  • Car rental during repair period
  • Others

2. Third party liability:

GIC will settle claims for bodily injuries, death, and property damage to third party.

3. Driver and Passenger Insurance:
GIC will pay for bodily injury of drivers and passengers in traffic accidents.

4. Auto owner’s liability insurance to the transported goods:
GIC will pay for goods transported in the event of damage and at the owner’s fault.
Moreover, GIC also pays the Owner other necessary and reasonable expenses arising from the accident such as preservation, discharge, and inventory of damaged goods.
Contact us:
Please contact GIC’s nearest Branches and Sales offices to receive more information about the incentive of our Automobile physical damage insurance.
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