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Travel Insurance

Claim process:

In the event of accidents:

Call our INTERNATIONAL HOT LINE: (+84.8) 3824 0581

GIC will quickly help you settle the problem

Pay your claims properly and quickly in 15 days after receiving full claim documents

Claim documents
Claim documents - Including:

1.    Personal Accident Claim: Medical Report provided by hospitals or doctors, with details about the level and nature of injuries, time of injuries, report of local authorities at accident location. For death cases, death certificate and relevant examination reports are required.

2.    Claims for Medical Expense, Medical Assistance, and Trip Curtailment/ Cancellation: All kinds of bills, receipts, tickets, passenger coupons, contracts, or all agreements related to the claim are required. As for medical treatment claim, hospital documents, and doctor’s advice including detailed diagnosis, doctor’s brief treatment history with both prescriptions and used services should be provided.

3.    Claims for Luggage & Personal Belongings, Luggage Arrival Delay, Loss of Travel Documents: All details about invoices with purchasing date, price, design and type of lost/damaged items, urgent notification to the airline/carrier, written confirmation of lost/damaged items during transportation or in transit, and local authority’s promt confirmation after the incident should be provided.

4.    In case the Insured is dead, to get the compensation, legal evidence on lawful inheritance is needed. When receiving the compensation on behalf of the Insured, a legal letter of authorization from the Insured is required.