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Personal Safety Insurance

Claim procedure:

In the event of accidents:

Call our HOT LINE: 0963 883 839 

GIC will help you finish claim process soonest

Pay your claims properly and quickly in 15 days after receiving full claim documents

Claim documents
Claim documents - Including:

1.    Claim request (using GIC form)

2.    Insurance certificate or insurance contract (copy)

3.    Accident report certified by local authority or police where accident occurred

4.    Medical documents: hospital discharge paper, treatment card (in-patient treatment cases), surgery report (for surgery cases), etc., certified by authorized representative of hospitals or medical organizations.

5.    Death certificate (in case of Death of the Insured)

6.    Lawful inheritance evidence (in case of Death of the Insured)

7.    Other relevant documents as required by GIC